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Individual Services

Transform Your Life, Be Your Best!

My Holistic Health approach takes in account your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state with the goal of guiding  you to a Fulfilled and Happy Life.


Each of my health bundles has already included a combination of these multiple individual services, but I can also provide some of them aside upon request.


Health Coaching

This service focuses in changing your habits in order to change your life.   We are what we do everyday in a regular or consistent way.  


For example, daily poor sleep  makes you more prone to memory loss, anxiety, depression and other psychiatric disorders compared to good quality sleep.


Scientific studies performed by Dr. Phillippa Lally have determined that even though the formation of a  new habit can take only 18 days and up to 254 days ( 8 months ½), at 6 months you will have created a NEW HABIT in a consistent way.

I have included an Intensive Health Coaching Service (10 weeks) in my Healthy Body, Happy You !  bundle in order to promote intensive weight loss, and disease improvement or reversal while learning to change habits.

Once completed you will consolidate your New Habit formation with a  6 month Standard Health Coaching Service that is part of my second bundle: Change Your Habits, Change Your Life!


Nutritional Re-Education

Learn to Eat Better so you can really nourish yourself  and use Food as Medicine in order to Heal your Body, Mind, Emotions and Spirit.

Food is not anymore what it used to be, since it has been modified and processed in many ways.

Our air, water and soil have been exposed to multiple toxics (heavy metals, pesticides & chemicals) besides modification of seeds and food in a lab ( GMO’s) combined with the use of glyphosate (Round Up™) that wreak havoc in our overall health.

My Nutritional Re-Education services include:



In a 30 to 60  minute session I will visit your kitchen and analyze 10 to 20 products, respectively,  to learn how to read labels, recognize toxic ingredients and upgrade your choices with delicious and super healthy options that you like.  These can be done online or in person.  The in person modality is only for South Florida, USA  residents at no more than 20 miles from my location.


Available in my 3 personal Health Bundles or individually per request.

Once we finish this consultation  I suggest you to follow with:

Image by Heather McKean


Prepare your market list  and Let’s Go To the Market.

We will check out  the foods you choose and find out how healthy they are or not, recognize misleading ingredients not only in your foods, but in your cookware, cosmetics, cleaning and self-care products, so you can avoid toxics, boost your health and your family’s well-being.

Available in my 3 personalHealth Bundles or individually per request.

Once you complete this session.. if you or your loved ones have any health issues ( sugar cravings, diabetes, hypertension, menopause or other) I recommend you to continue with my next service:



“Let Food be thy Medicine and Medicine be thy Food”

This famous quote from Hippocrates, “Father of the Western Medicine” demonstrates that as part of a healthy protocol, certain  foods can help you improve or even reverse your diseases. 

For example, its well known that apple cider vinegar and cinnamon may  lower glucose levels and improve digestion. Other case is Kefir,  an ancient beverage that has been shown to have activity against H.pylori, a bacteria linked with gastric cancer.

This service is incorporated in my  3 health bundles or can be personally requested apart for people with overweight, diabetes, hypertension, menopause, hypothyroidism, arthritis, cancer and many others.

You Are What You Eat and You Eat What You Are..!


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