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Health Bundles

I have designed 4 Health Packages so you can achieve your transformation and Be Your Best Version.

Do You Really Love Yourself?

Are You living the Life You Really Want or the Life that others want for You?

Doctor Ítalo Gabriele is an International Physician with 30 years of medical experience, and a Holistic Nutritional Health Counselor certified by the Institute for Integrative  of New York (IIN).


He will listen to you, empower you and  guide you to take the reins of your Health, the leading role of your life and to accomplish your goals and dreams while achieving energy, motivation, happiness, bliss and fulfillment.

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My Health Bundles

Transform Your Life and Become the Best Version of Yourself!

My health bundles will help you improve and in many cases reverse your diseases by leveraging you to BE YOUR BEST!                


Healthy Body, Happy You!

Ideal for women ages 35 to 55 who struggle with stress, overweight, diabetes, menopause and other health problems.

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Change Your Habits, Change Your Life!

This program will help women between 35 and 55 years old to stop bad habits and consolidate changes without diets, surgeries, or rebound effects.


Eat Better,
Live Better

Learn to eat better to avoid diseases and improve your health in this modern world.

Trabajando juntos

Healthier Employee, Stronger Business!

These Corporate Wellness programs help companies have a more engaged and productive workforce.


Make a Discovery Call Now!

Let's achieve together the change that your life needs.

Individual Services

Each of my health bundles has already included a combination of these multiple individual services, but I can also provide some of them aside upon request.

Health Coaching

This service focuses in changing your habits in order to change your life.   We are what we do everyday in a regular or consistent way

Nutritional Re-Education:

Learn to Eat Better so you can really nourish yourself  and use Food as Medicine in order to Heal your Body, Mind, Emotions and Spirit.

"Change your Habits to Change your Life"
Dr. Italo Gabriele



My Patients Opinion

"My experience with Dr.Ítalo is one of Transformation. I was very sick, everything I ate made my stomach sick. I no longer feel stomach pains or headaches, the depression disappeared and I can sleep much better. I am very grateful to him.


Dr. Ítalo and his nutritional guide. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to see a change in their life starting with food. The body will thank you."
Thank you Doctor Italo!


Margaret Fuentes

Brickell, Miami, USA

I'm Hector Pirela.
I am 40 years old.
I am about to start my fifth cycle with Doctor Italo.

"With Nutritional Re-Education and the introduction of Organic and Non-Inflammatory Foods, I have been able to control High Blood Pressure, I have improved my Mobility, my Sleep Quality and Energy, as well as lose up to 32.8 pounds (almost 15 kgs) without any diet, without going hungry, without going to surgeries or medications and without having any rebound effect.

Hombre joven

​Héctor Pirela

Murfreesboro, Tennessee, USA

"We are the Rujano Zambrano Family and we want to recognize Dr. Ìtalo Gabriele, as a person, as a professional, since he was our children's Pediatrician, from their birth, for approximately 10 years in consultation. We were with him regularly attending the Hospital de Clínicas Caracas. We have great memories of those consultations... Thank you very much, Dr. Ítalo for your patience, because as first-time parents with Claudia, the first months we went many times with every doubt, with every question, with every eventuality... "Very grateful for your good advice, especially your nutritional advice in recent years. The important thing for them is their healthy diet." Very thankful!

WhatsApp Image 2023-05-08 at 14.43.19.jpeg

Familia Rujano Zambrano

Filadelfia, Pennsylvania, USA

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Change your Salt,
Change your life!

Salt is Essential for Life. For centuries salt has been revered for its flavor, the minerals it provides and its power to preserve food.


Are you struggling with food cravings?

Have you ever been craving or daydreaming about cheese pizza, cream-filled donuts, an alcoholic beverage, ice, or salty foods?



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